Survey of prosecutions for terrorism-related offences in Germany within the national research network “Monitoring system and transfer platform on radicalisation“

Project date range: 2019 – 2024


KrimZ is part of a national research network building a monitoring platform for the early detection and prevention of extremism as a contact and information point for scientists, authorities, civil society and policy makers funded in the context of the German Federal Government's civil security research programme. The network is coordinated by the terrorism and extremism research unit of the Federal Criminal Police Office. It includes Berghof Foundation (Berlin), Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), the University of Hamburg – Faculty of Law –, the University of Karlsruhe – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology –, and LMU University of Munich – Department of Media and Communication –.


The project of KrimZ focuses on prosecutions for terrorism-related offences. The survey is based on case files produced by the prosecution and criminal courts on both offenders convicted for specific terrorism offences (§§ 89a–89c, § 91, §§ 129a–129b StGB) and persons prosecuted for terrorism offences where an “islamistic” background was recorded. For selected cases, some biographical analyses will be made.

Prof. Dr. Axel Dessecker
Maria-Anna Hoffmann
Antonia Mischler